Your Body's Optimal Energy Flows

We run an energy training class for the purpose of sensitising participants to their own energy systems and to help them become aware that their mind and energy systems are linked. Where the mind goes energy will follow.

So as their practice strengthens they notice that they are more aware of energy sensations both inside and outside of the body. When attention is given to the hands it's possible to feel the heat or blood flow (life force energy) being directed there.

Gradually, as they become more and more sensitive to energy, they notice more subtle sensations and eventually notice that they can start to move energy at will in the body. Move or release stagnant energies through or out of the body.

Students are also introduced to Intestinal Breathing, which is a great method of shifting stagnant energies and also enhances digestion and improves the flexibility and elasticity of the intestines. Practicing for 5 mins a day, when sitting or standing waiting for transport, or whilst driving or sitting at your desk, will help to expell used energy and accumulate fresh Ki "Fire" energy in the lower abdomen energy centre. Fire expresses itself as joy and manifests as love, laughter, excitement and enthusiasm.

Water Up,Fire Down
All the elements, Earth Fire Water and Air are expressed throughout the bodIes many systems physically and energetically.

In the body, Water Energy originates in the kidneys. The kidney’s physical role is to clean the blood and maintain its chemical balance. Energetically, the kidneys are responsible for cooling the fire energy that comes from the heart and turning it into water energy.

The body has many channels and centres where energy moves and is stored and there are optimal directions that the energy flows which benefit the body and mind.

One such channel moves up and down the centre of the body from the top of the head down the front to the core and up the back to the top of the head.

Water energy from the kidneys travels up the back along the Governing Vessel Meridian to the energy centre in the head, which is associated with our 6th and 7th chakras. Water energy cools the head before sinking down the front of the body along the Conception Vessel Meridian and returning to the heart to continue the cycle.

We refer to the optimal flow as "Water Up, Fire Down"

The heart energy centre in the chest, which is associated with our 4th chakra, generates hot fire energy that flows down along the Conception Vessel Meridian to the energy centre in the lower abdomen.

The lower abdomen energy centre is associated with our 1st and 2nd chakras and acts as a furnace. It generates power for the body and mind using the energy we gather and store there. If it generates enough power it will provide enough force to power the flow motion and therefore shoot that fire energy up the lower back to the kidneys (to be cooled) and beyond.

It’s this optimal flow that enables us to keep a cool head for making good decisions and a warm belly for good digestion; as well as gifting us the power to act on our decisions.

The condition of the energy centres in the head, chest, and abdomen greatly affects the Water Up, Fire Down energy circuit. If the energy in your chest becomes stuck due to anxiety, stress, and worry, fire energy remains there and backs up into your head. This may increase the persistence of uncontrollable thoughts and emotions. Especially the negative ones.

If the energy centre in your abdomen is weak or blocked, regardless of whether your heart centre is open and clear, then the Lower centre cannot hold much energy and cannot send enough to your kidneys. In this situation, you may feel lethargic, sickly and your thoughts and actions may become disconnected.

The stretching and twisting and energy accumulation practices we show in class opens up the energy channels, centres, and points so that energy does not get stuck in any one place. They also fill your system with fresh energy, strengthening the energy centres in the process.

So if you feel tired or unmotivated, if you have a headache or anxiety, or just having trouble focusing, it is likely that the body's energy flow is not optimal. Luckily, with simple exercises you can reverse these conditions by making your energy flow in a Water Up, Fire Down circuit. Practicing intestinal breathing and holding postures, every day, can keep your mind, body, and energy working optimally...

To learn more about the body's energy flow sign up for a 5 week class...

Much love