Improvised Prayer

So been enjoying the peace of myself in the absence of my shining companion and enjoying a different form of meditation to my usual ritual - with the effect that I am moved to share lots of stuff with you my wonderful family. So I will start by dedicating this prayer that I wrote to all of you:

"Universal Spirit, You are my father and my mother
Remembering your love makes my heart erupt in rapturous joy
You cleanse my being and nurture my soul
I feel bathed in your grace
I am in wondrous awe and truly grateful
for the life you have given me
I promise to honour this gift by helping others to connect to your light
Please give me the courage to emulate thy simple elegance
and the presence of mind to find my way back to my source
For it is with devotion to you that I am able to be steadfast
To endure the apparent troubles that greet me throughout my journey
Teach me how to feel this way every moment of every day
To resonate my surroundings with your Divine frequencies
So my wake is a nourishing seraphic Peace"

Satnam my loves