Hypnoenergetics Session - Dealing with Anxiety and Panic attacks

I had a client, who I will call Joan, who came to see me about panic attacks. Joan felt that she may have chosen the wrong partner, fearing that she had followed her head, rather than her heart. Was he the right one for her, and is he “spiritual” enough?

These deliberations were causing Joan anxiety and that would lead to her panic attacks.

We explored, under hypnosis, significant issues in her past that had similar energies. We first journeyed to an event that had happened when Joan was 21. In this situation she was with her then, ex boyfriend. They were arguing over the break up. She was aware that she tried to love him but she didn’t and he couldn’t understand why not. She explained to him: “I just want real love”.

However, she told me in trance that she believed she was "... not capable of real love!” This belief that had been driving Joan for some time and was a familiar to her subconscious mind. So we journeyed to first time she had felt this feeling of not being capable of real love.

Joan took me to a situation where she was 3-years-old feeling rejected by her father. This was also a familiar feeling so we attempted to journey to the first time she has experienced rejection. The idea being to find the foundational situation that held the key energies and beliefs in place and that were key to understanding the route cause of Joan's anxiety.

However, Joan started to feel blocked. I asked her to tune into herself to reveal any part of her that did not want to explore the route cause of these feelings and she nodded there was a part of her that was doing the blocking.

I invited that part to come forward. This part revealed it was scared. Joan became very lucid and explained that the fear she was experiencing in that moment felt exactly the same as she experiences when she is having a panic attack about her current relationship.

Joan named that part Fear and we established that “Fear” played a very important role of “Protection”. It protects her from the “The truth” – which “…keeps her safe from pain”. This part had been protecting Joan for 20 years. “Joan does not like pain the part explained”. I asked whether this part of her worked with other parts to fulfil that role and discovered that it worked with a part that it called “Mind”. What does the mind do? “It provides distraction”. Fear agreed to work with Joan in this session.

We began to explore the part that was called “Mind”. Then Joan mentioned that she had a huge sense of “fear about her parent's divorce” coming through really strong. So we explored that feeling. This turned out to be the day her parents divorced when she was six years old. She was sitting alone sobbing and feeling scared at the prospect of her parents splitting up. However, this was a familiar feeling.

We were now able to visit the scene when she was 3 years old at the point where she had recognised as familiar. From that point we journeyed to the very first time she experienced rejection and came to an earlier memory when she had just turned 3. She had asked her father for something to eat and her request was ignored. This had set up the belief that she was not worthy and he was selfish. As this was the first time she experienced this we were able to clear the energy holding this situation in her body.

Joan was able to see that her father was doing the best he could at his level of development. Joan was able to shift her consciousness to understand the situation from her father’s which helped her to see what he was dealing with change the belief to being worthy of his love.

We reviewed the soul contract with her father. She understood she was here to teach him how to love and he was teaching her to feel. She understood how hard it was for him to play the role he had to play and the extent of his love to take it on. She realised he did this for the progression of her soul.

This realisation produced some mixed emotions including anger which was felt in her heart. Her heart was reminding her that it was safe to feel. We then addressed each emotion that presented itself.

I felt it necessary to allow her to review the soul contract with her husband. She immediately saw that she had indeed followed her heart. He’s here to teach her what it feels like to be loved unconditionally - She saw that no one else could have done that. Her role for him is to help him connect to himself spiritually – This is a harder battle – she knows she was chosen because she can take this on – to help him explore.

Now that we had removed the energy holding some of the earliest sensitising events in place in her subconscious, I took Joan forward in time to revisit the scenes that she had stopped at to determine what work was still to be done.

The 3-year-old hungry Joan now felt much better about the situation to the extent of not being fussed about being ignored. 6-year-old Joan with the divorced parents was not as emotionally attached. 21-year-old Joan with ex boyfriend fighting, believed she was immature and not capable of finding love. We did some work to address this situation.

By this time we had reached the end of a 2 and a half hour session. This first session for Joan had cleared a lot of energy and although we had shifted a lot, there were still traces of Anxiety. However, we had not been able to complete the work with the part called "Fear", or the one called "Mind", which we would save to a future session.

As a result of this one session, Joan now saw her father and husband in a completely different light. We reframed her father’s relationship with her and she now understands what she’s here to do for her husband and this seemed to provide a level of acceptance.

Since the session Joan has not had another panic attach and has a much healthier view of her relationship with her husband.